Military Discharges: What’s in a Name? – 16, 2013, was a former Navy reservist who received an honorable discharge from the service. But that discharge doesn’t tell the whole story: thatthe Navy had tried to give him a general discharge..

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Who qualifies as a veteran, anyway? – – There is honorable, general under honorable conditions, other than honorable, bad conduct and dishonorable. Normally only honorable and general under honorable conditions will qualify the veteran for benefits. An uncharacterized discharge may also qualify the veteran, but it is up to the VA and is handled on a case-by-case basis.

How to get out of the military at any time B-52 Female Pilot Requests Discharge That Is Honorable – Widnall. If dr. widnall denies the request, Lieutenant Flinn can submit an unconditional request that would carry with it a general discharge or an other-than-honorable discharge. If Lieutenant Flinn,

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Administrative Separation: The Basics – – General (Under Honorable Conditions) This determination can be deceptive, as it contains the words "honorable conditions." In fact, a General discharge (as it often called) is awarded when significant negative aspects of the member’s conduct or performance outweigh positive aspects of their conduct or performance.

Homosexual G.I.’s Ouster Is Recommended by Panel – It’s too pat. I think they’ll upgrade it to an honorable.” A general discharge is considered to be a discharge under honorable conditions and does not mean forfeiture of military benefits. However, it.

Benefits of a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions. – General Discharge. General discharge is an administrative action that describes imperfect honorable service. This discharge prohibits future re-enlistment into any branch of the military. A general discharge does permit benefits, though, and is acceptable to the Department of Veterans Affairs, an important link in the chain of communications.

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What is a general discharge with honorable conditions mean? – Most discharges can be upgraded depending on the veterans conducts.99% of the time when a veteran gets a General Under Honorable its considered good. it is honorable under a general discharge.

What does it mean to have an honorable condition discharge. – The General Discharge will involve some form of nonjudicial punishment for unacceptable military behavior. The GD is considered an administrative discharge. Having an Honorable Discharge or a General Discharge entitles the former service member to various benefits from the federal government and state/territorial governments.